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Hi! I'm Diane...

I love people and I'm a peacemaker. I also like it when we can all act like adults and have open dialogue where EVERYONE has a voice - and no one is silenced or "cancelled".  

We bring you "Dose of Unity" so Capriana and I can chat, share and discuss important topics to bring us to the core of what we need as good humans. Who is with me here?!

My background is blend of working in the business industry, non-profit and ministry world, so yeah... I've heard a lot and it's all good (well, you can imagine!). Now let's figure out how to work together in a reasonable way -- we all need each other, regardless of our backgrounds, ethnicity, beliefs, or politics. Division has no place here! Join us! 

And I'm Capriana! 

I believe most people want peace, and I believe we can achieve unity without needing a "utopia." This is why the increase in societal division is deeply concerning (and flat-out exhausting). I see my generation falling victim to agendas, spreading dangerous ideologies, disrupting others in their journeys, and ignoring truths. While it can be hard not to get caught up in the noise, we have a lot of work to do to calm the storms, put out the fires, and bring our society back together.


As a mixed-race woman, I have to balance a lot within my own, literally Black and White, identity. This lends itself to me not looking at people’s differences but instead at our commonalities. I love learning other perspectives and allowing critical thinking to guide my decision-making. In that, I believe our solution is active listening and collaboration, not silencing and division. 


I have a Masters in Business Administration, and my background is in the creative arts, business, non-profit, and medical industries. I am so excited for you to join us and take your "Dose of Unity.” 

Who We 

We do not pick sides on controversial or political topics. We prefer to show our character and beliefs through our content and work. At our core, our values are based on our Christian (Protestant) faith. We believe God gave us free will, and we believe that all should have access to that freedom with the understanding that there are positive and negative consequences. As we also believe that we are all equal in God's eyes, we focus on uniting everyone and giving all voices the opportunity to be heard.

We CAN all come together.

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