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It's time to think for ourselves! Come on, we can do this!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Hi all, I think we can all agree that many of us feel the need to "pick a side" with anything these days. Let's explore why. We all have our own brains, experiences, likes and dislikes,

so why do we get caught up in what "society" is telling us to think? We don't have to be all in on one group and all against another group. Don't fall for that. Anyone who has studied history can tell you that any war starts with dividing people. Someone who has been your best friend all your life is suddenly your enemy because someone else is feeding information to you so you turn against them? That is where it starts. Everyone has their reasons to justify where they stand on issues, we can learn why they think what they think without seeing them as the enemy. Not sure how? Just ask very gently, "I would be interested in hearing more about why you feel this way. Can you share?" And then just listen. They can take their cues from you and hopefully reciprocate.

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